418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938 | Main Office: 928-333-2656

418 E Main Street,
Springerville, AZ 85938
Main Office: 928-333-2656

Fire Department

Fire Department

Springerville Fire Department

the health and safety of the residents of the Town of Springerville. It is the mission of the
Springerville Fire Department to provide safe and professional response to fires and other
emergencies to protect the lives and property of the citizens that the department serves. The
Department believes that a large part of ensuring this environment is through continual training
and education of its members and the public.

Message From The Chiefs

Chief Robert Pena Jr.
Named Chief of Springerville Fire Department in 2020.

Chief Pena became a member of Springerville Fire Department in 1992 as a probationary member and caught his first structure fire not even knowing how to put on an airpack. The Assistant Chief at the time explained to him and another probationary member how to work the airpack gave them a hose and sent them on there way. He spent many years working up through the ranks with great tutelage from his Captains, Assistant Chief, and Chief. Upon becoming a Captain and remaining there almost a decade, he was promoted to Assistant Chief in 2014. He has led many firefighters throughout the years and seen the department grow to what it is today.

“There is nothing to prepare you for the trials and tribulations of the job, but you have to remember the TEAM. I am a believer in the SFD family that is former members, their families, our auxiliary and the community that continues to support us, and elected officials.”

Battalion Chief Robert Pena III

BC Pena III became a member with Springerville Fire Department in 2011 after graduating high school. He has served through the ranks in the department serving as a captain for 5 years previous to being promoted and hired as the Departments first full-time Battalion Chief.

“I believe the TEAM we have at SFD and the Town of Springerville is committed to making this community a great place to live, work, and raise a family and it is a privilege to serve here in Round Valley.”


Springerville Fire Department is always recruiting new members who wish to actively participate as firefighters and first responders. Whether you are living in Round Valley today and want to join us immediately, or if you are a high school junior or senior trying to plan for your future, we would like to talk with you about membership with the Springerville Fire Department.

Please call 928.333.2422 (Fire Department) or 928.333.2656 (Town Hall) for more information.

Community Risk Reduction

Community Risk Reduction involves education and awareness programs and wildfire mitigation activities to increase the safety of our community and protect property. Every October, with assistance from Eagar Fire Department, the United States Forest Service, and Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management we visit the local schools and daycare facilities to teach children about fire safety, life safety, and what to do if there is an emergency.

We also provide emergency planning, and other general fire and life safety education program for health educators, medical and public health professionals, classroom teachers, elder service providers, community and service organizations, parents, caregivers, and anyone else interested in collaborating on fire and life safety education. Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a top priority for Springerville Fire Department, our strategy to reduce emergencies is to focus on prevention by identifying and rectifying unsafe behaviors. For questions about any of our community risk reduction presentations, please call 928.333.2422.

Badlands Fire Auxiliary

President Nikki Vickers

Auxiliary/Administrative members chose to volunteer with the Badlands Fire Auxiliary by contributing their time in the areas like fundraising, public relations and education. These are vital functions that support the Springerville Fire Department and its day-to-day operations. People who do not have the desire to participate in emergency operations, or those who cannot meet the physical condition requirements are encouraged to join as auxiliary members.



Springerville Fire Department meets on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm to provide training to its personnel. The training provides a balanced schedule throughout all risk related disciplines and services the department provides to the Town of Springerville and surrounding areas. Training topics and objectives are engineered to ensure that all department personnel receive adequate knowledge and skills to perform at a competent level in all disciplines. Training also incorporates risk reduction activities that are necessary for all members to perform to ensure maintenance of a working knowledge and skills relevant to risk reduction activities. Training activities are directed at all operations personnel and are intended to meet monthly, quarterly and annual benchmarks. All trainings ensure that all department personnel are trained to respond appropriately, professionally and efficiently to perform necessary skills.

Discover The Possibilities

Discover The Possibilities

Discover The Possibilities

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