418 E Main Street, Springerville, AZ 85938 | Main Office: 928-333-2656

418 E Main Street,
Springerville, AZ 85938
Main Office: 928-333-2656

Community Services

Community Services

Community Services

The Town of Springerville Community Services Department is located at the Round Valley Senior Center, 356 South Papago Street in Springerville.  Primarily funded by grants and donations, the department consists of 2 separate divisions, providing a variety of services for senior citizens, disabled individuals, and low-income community members residing in Springerville, Eagar, and surrounding communities.

The Community Services Department is the focal point for local residents to seek assistance and information about senior services, meals on wheels, transportation, crisis assistance, grants, the replacement of appliances, gas and grocery vouchers, food commodities, housing assistance, tax services, etc.  Employees and volunteers collaborate with local social services groups to support client needs.  (For the latest Apache County Social Services Directory, CLICK HERE.)

To learn more about our Center and the services we provide, please view the division information for the Round Valley Senior Services and Round Valley Crisis and Utility Assistance.  (For the monthly newsletter, click here.)

Message From The Director

I have been a part of the Round Valley Community since 2003, when my husband and I transferred here from the Grand Canyon. We lived at the Grand Canyon for four years after moving from Ajo and prior to that, while in the Air Force, we lived in Italy for four years and Las Vegas, NV for two. We’ve had great experiences and love to learn about other cultures however, being born and raised in Flagstaff, I was happy to settle back in Arizona. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community and particularly to have raised my two children in this place that I love. I have worked in Grant and Program Management since 1997 for not only city and county government but for a non-profit organization as well.

The Community Services Department encompasses two divisions—the Round Valley Senior Center Division and the Crisis & Utilities Services Division.

The Senior Center is a great place to enjoy the company of other seniors your age or to get assistance when you need a helping hand. We offer a variety of services. Not only are meals available, but there are also opportunities for exercising, education, training, volunteer service, and education.

The Crisis & Utilities Assistance Division offers support services for people in poverty. Overall, our community has a very high rate of poverty. We serve many residents who are faced with the lack of food, the threat of homelessness or the inability to adequately heat their homes.  We offer a drive-through food bank on Tuesdays and typically provide over 100 boxes of food to residents each week. 

Participating in the programs offered at the Round Valley Community Services & Senior Center will be sure to improve your well-being. I hope you will review the resources on our site, visit our Facebook page for weekly updates  https://www.facebook.com/RVCommunityServicesCenter/  and allow us to help you get moving in the right direction!

I am delighted to serve as the Community Services Director for the Town of Springerville and eager to serve the community with old and new ideas. I invite you to come see us and join us for a meal. I look forward to meeting you!


Robin R Aguero

Community Services Director

Senior Programs

The Round Valley Senior Center is a lifeline for hundreds of senior citizens through the Round Valley area. We offer hot, nutritious meals in our dining room as well as meals on wheels for area seniors who are homebound. In addition to serving over 10,000 meals each year, we also provide transportation, education, social activities, grief and loss seminars, and a host of other events. Socials and activities include holiday celebrations, sing-a-longs, exercise programs, bingo, and other day trips. Free tax assistance for seniors and low-income households is also offered starting in February through April 15th. We also receive many requests each year for help with the purchase of eye exams, eye glasses, and hearing aids.

Below are examples of the senior services offered for those age 60 and older and/or spouses of seniors age 60 and above.

Congregate Meals.
A hot, delicious meal containing 1/3 of the recommended daily nutritional allowance is provided every Monday through Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Although there is no fixed fee for the meals, participants are given the opportunity to donate.

Meals on Wheels.
Approximately 60% of our participants receive home delivered meals. These meals are only available to those who are unable to come into the dining room for their meals. A lunch meal is provided 5 days per week.  Homebound clients must receive a physical and cognitive assessment by a case manager who makes referrals for assistance for appropriate services including housekeeping, a visiting nurse, respite care, etc.  To request this service, please contact 1-877-521-3500

Socialization with other participants is just as important as nutrition at the center. Monthly socials and activities such as pot lucks, sing-a-longs, exercise, games, and day trips are planned.

Food Boxes.

To help alleviate the stress of hunger, the senior center collaborates with the USDA to provide food items for low-income seniors through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).  The food provided includes nutritious nonperishable food items such as cereals, juices, canned fruits and vegetables as well as meats, grains, shelf stable or evaporated milk and fresh cheese.  Qualifying seniors must be at least 60 years of age and fall within specific income guidelines. (Click Here)


This service is available for seniors who have no transportation. Service is provided to medical facilities, for shopping, to run errands, to attend the senior center, etc.  A donation of $5 per round trip is requested.  Call 928-245-2528 for additional information.

Medicare Counseling.
Nowadays, it is important to be educated about the variety of Medicare options and Prescription drug plans available. Medicare Counseling is available by a trained Medicare Specialist and is provided by appointment only.

A variety of trainings including computer education, CPR, nutrition education, Healthy Balance, Falls Prevention, etc., are available throughout the year.

Free Blood Pressure Checks.
Headaches, chest pain, and blurred vision can all be signs of high blood pressure.  Seniors can get their blood pressure checked Make sure you get your checked at the senior center by a registered nurse.  This is offered every Tuesday between 11 a.m. and Noon.

Free Tax Service.
Trained volunteers through AARP provide free tax service for seniors every Wednesday, beginning in February through April 15th. All taxes are filed electronically. This service is also available to homebound individuals upon request. 

SOS Program.
This free service is offered in collaboration with the hospital auxiliary and local police departments. Participants are required to call into the SOS Center once each day at a specified time. If the participant does not call in at the designated time, a person will contact them via phone. If the senior does not answer by phone, police are dispatched to check on the participant. This is a service that has helped many of our seniors who have fallen or who should be checked on, on a regular basis. (Call the Town of Eagar Police Department for an application at 928-333-4127.)

Annual Flu Shots.
The Apache County Health Department comes to the senior center at least once each year to provide flu shots. Shots are free to eligible seniors who provide their Medicare card.

Hearing Aids.
In collaboration with the Springerville Lions Club, hearing aids are available to eligible seniors and other individuals. A co-pay of $100 dollars is required. (Please click HERE)



Community Services provides a variety of resources to low income individuals including food boxes, rental assistance, utility assistance, and appliance repair and replacement.  Services are available to those otherwise unable to adequately provide for themselves and their families.  Households are served on a first come, first serve basis and must be experiencing a financial crisis which may include reduction or loss of income or health and safety concerns.  Food boxes and transportation require the assistance of a case manager.  Other services such as rental assistance, utilities payments, and appliance repair and replacement can be completed online. (Click here)


Utility Assistance Services are available by appointment only at:
356 S Papago St.
Springerville, AZ 85925
To schedule an appointment: 928-333-2615 ext. 227

Documents required in order to receive rental or utility assistance are as follows:

Photo ID
Drivers License for all adults/children over 16 (or Photo ID)
Birth certificate for applicant
SS cards for ALL household members, including children
Electric bill/ written quote for 100 gallons propane
Proof of income for last 30 days
*Current bank statement
Proof of residence/bill or document with physical address
All information must be provided before application can be completed.

Rental Assistance (COVID).

The first step renters should take if they are concerned about paying their rent or facing eviction is to contact their landlord right away to let them know they may need help paying their next monthly rental payment.  To prevent eviction, rental assistance is available to pay for up to 6 months of rent. (Click here)



Funding is available to provide support for the payment of electricity, propane, firewood, or pellets and to manage the connection and repair of utility services to support households who are at risk of having their utilities shut off.  (Click Here)


Appliance Repair and Replacement.

Through the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Community Services can pay for the repair or replacement of needed appliances including refrigerators, ovens, water heaters, etc.  This assistance is available for low to moderate income individuals.  (Click here)


Free Food Boxes.
A free box of food is distributed each Tuesday from 10 am. until Noon. If have a household income of less than 185% of poverty, you are eligible to receive a free box of food commodities.   (Click here for current federal poverty guidelines.) https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines

Food Vouchers and Hygiene Supplies.

A grocery voucher of up to $25 is available for qualifying individuals.  Hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, deodorant, adult diapers, etc., are available by distribution by the case manager.


Community Services typically provides round trip services to the Show Low area for low income residents on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.  For information, contact 928-245-2528.   Free transportation “bus passes” are also available for qualifying individuals by calling 928-333-5185, ext. 227.

(In order to be issued a Bus Pass, you will need to provide the following documents:

Car Registration, Car Insurance, Car License Plate #, Driver’s License or photo ID, Birth Certificate for applicant, SS Card, Proof of Income for last 30 days, Proof of residence (ie: Electric Bill or document with physical address) and Statement to verify need)

Adaptive Device Lending Library.
Community Services is a resource for anyone in the community who needs to borrow an adaptive device. Items vary depending on availability but some examples are: hospital beds, wheelchairs, shower chairs, potty chairs, walkers, walking canes, and crutches.

Additional Resources Available:

Arizona 2-1-1 http://www.211arizona.org
Wildfire https://wildfireaz.org
Arizona Self Help http://arizonaselfhelp.org
Department of Economic Security https://www.azdes.gov/
Employment, training and education for eligible veterans www.benefits.va.gov/VOW Foreclosure/Eviction Assistance https://housing.az.gov/

You can help us stamp our senior hunger and meet the increased demands of service by volunteering.
Opportunities include:

Meals on Wheels Volunteer.
Spend about an hour a day (one day a week) delivering meals to homebound seniors. You must be able to pass a Department of Public Safety Background Check.

Kitchen Assistant.
Help cook and/or prepare meals for our seniors. Volunteers are needed 4 days a week to help with this service.

Be a Senior Angel.
Volunteer to help a senior in need by visiting them or helping them with small, household chores. You may also be able to help with small household repairs.

Be a Foster Grandparent.
In addition to grandparents raising their own grandchildren, may seniors are reaching out to the younger generation to pass along knowledge and understanding through the Foster Grant parent Program. Senior citizens are recognized as being able to give the special care and attention needed by many youngsters.

Be a Senior Companion.
Many of our local seniors need a little extra help. If you are at least 60 years of age and are low income, you may qualify to work 20 hours per week, helping other seniors in our area. In return, you will receive a stipend of about $2.00 per hour for your service.

Senior Work Program.
Qualifying seniors may be eligible to provide 20 hours per week of work service preparing meals in the kitchen, delivering meals, or helping in the thrift shop.

Help with Fundraisers.
Each year, we hold several fundraising activities. These include ringing holiday bells for support at the local grocery stores, participating in the annual yard sale, and helping raise money through the annual March for Meals Program.

Sponsor a Senior with your Donation.
Grants only fund about 1/3 of the monies we need to provide ongoing services. Currently, there is a waiting list for our Meals on Wheels Program. Our biggest hurdle over the past year has been the increased cost of food, packing materials, and the rising cost of fuel and utilities. You can help by sponsoring a senior. A $520 donation will cover meals and other services for a period of 6 months.

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